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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Register & Login

Click “Login” and then click the “Sign up now” button. Next, fill up your personal particulars , please find below screenshot for your reference.

2. Request Game Account

  1. After you successfully registered your account in RK553. Go to “MY ACCOUNT”, all game platforms can be found at the bottom, then click “Request Account”.
  2. Select a game which you intended to play , and to click [REQUEST ACCOUNT].
  3. After our agent created a game account for you, your username and password for login to correspond game will be shown in “My Account”.

3. Deposit Into Game Account

  1. Send a deposit request to us and fill in deposit details: “Bank” , “Game Platform” and “Amount”.
  2. Our bank account will be shown to you, and please deposit into correct bank account according to your selection.
  3. After your deposit is confirmed and approved by our account department, your deposit amount will go directly into your gaming account, usually within 5 minutes.
Note : If you deposit without creating your game account , please refer to (Step - 2) to request for a game account before you deposit.

4. Download & Play

  • Download Live Casino Games: Here and login with your game account's username and password to play.
  • Download Slot Games: Here and login with your game account's username and password to play.

How To Withdraw?

  1. Send a withdrawal request to us and fill in withdrawal details: “Bank”, “Bank Account No.”, “Game Platform” and “Amount”.
  2. After submitted your request, our active agent will then proceed your withdrawal request and check whether you have met our rollover requirement, usually within 15-30 minutes.

How to claim my promotion bonus?

  1. Find all our available promotions, and click on 1 of the promotion you preferred.

  2. The promotion's terms and conditions will popup, then click on the “CLAIM BONUS” button below.

  3. Key in your Transaction ID into the promotion opt in page. The "Transaction ID" can be found in your "My Account" -> "My Transactions"
  4. Click "CLAIM" and wait for your bonus to be deposited into your game account.
    Note: Player must wait until the bonus is fully transferred into their Game Account before you start playing .
    If player played before the bonus is fully transferred into their Game Account , this promotion shall be void.

  5. General rules for promotion opt in:
    1. Player will HAVE TO opt in if they want to redeem a bonus. Player will NOT be entitled to any promotions if he/she did not opt in.
    2. For "CASH BACK" promotions, player only needs to opt in ONCE, and it will remained valid for life for that particular game account.

What is RK Points?

RK points system is specially designed to reward our loyal players who keep supporting RK553 as their No. 1 entertainment platform.

This is an EXTRA REBATE with NO ROLLOVER requirement. Therefore, you can exchange your RK points for MYR Cash Chips!

Whenever you deposit MYR 1, you will get 1 RK Points. Please check on RK Redemption to redeem.

What is the minimum / maximum deposit amount?


  • Minimum deposit : RM 20
  • Maximum deposit : No Maximum

However, you can only deposit a maximum of RM 50, 000 per request.

For deposit more than RM 50, 000 per request, please contact our customer service.

What is the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount?


  • Minimum withdrawal : RM 50
  • Maximum withdrawal : RM 100, 000

How many times I can withdraw daily?

Answer: 2 times.